After 135 years Leadville's last freight depot has been restored!

With the blessing of Leadville's Historic Preservation Commission, the Anderson's are saving an historic Freight Depot in downtown Leadville. The goal: to bring history back to life as a gathering space full of new milestones, festivals, and the occasional hell-raising.

This project is an important step in the right direction for Leadville and for Colorado.

— Leadville Historic Preservation Commission
The historical significance and charm of [FREIGHT] is second to none, and through its renovation, it would be another jewel in the treasures of Leadville.

In a town that is known for its sense of community, loyalty to one another, and deep dedication to history, a well preserved Freight Depot will be a fabulous and needed addition.
— Kathleen Fitzsimmons, Lake County Principal and historian
[FREIGHT] is particularly exciting because of the local resident’s partnership to reinvent and activate a hidden aspect of our historic industrial neighborhood. [The Andersons’] vision of a much needed community center and hub for economic development in the form of hosting events both for locals and visitors will bring much needed economy back into the area.
— Sarah Mudge, Lake County Commissioner
  photo by Charlie Cooper

photo by Charlie Cooper

WHO WE ARE and what the heck we're doing

The Cast of Characters and Project so far!

 View of Leadville from East side.  Courtesy of Lake County Public Library

View of Leadville from East side. Courtesy of Lake County Public Library


Where did FREIGHT begin?