What do I need to know about hosting my event at FREIGHT?




-Film screenings

-Fashion Shows

-Community Fundraisers

-TED-like Talks




-Corporate Events

-Poetry Readings

-Sunset Gazing

What is your availability?

 We book as far as 5 years in advance. The best way to know whether we are available for your event is by calling :)

Pricing ranges from $400-$3,000 for rental. We are happy to arrange custom packages for events that would not last all day or would not use the great hall. We love hosting community events, so please call to discuss how we can work in partnership to produce an event together.

How much does FREIGHT cost? Are packages available? 

Our peak seasons are May through December, but we are a year round venue.

When is your peak season? 

We have a range of preferred caterers to work with but you don’t have to have one. After a consultation, we can schedule tastings to suit your preferences or send you contact information.

Do you have an in-house caterer or must we hire an outside caterer? 

We have an in-house bar service and all alcohol would be provided through that service. Please call for a bar quote.

Do you provide alcohol or do we bring our own? 

 Yes! We have gorgeous views and backdrops that can serve as the ceremony, the reception, or both!

Can I hold a wedding ceremony at FREIGHT?

 Our Party Priestess, Elsa, is our contact person day and night for all events or inquiries. We work with a local event planner: Carrie Malozzi of Stellar and Sage for all event planning services. Please check out her website for services and prices.

Who is my contact person? Do you provide event planning services?

FREIGHT is an indoor gathering hall and is equipped with heat. We can discuss any plan B options for whatever your event is.

What is the rain/snow plan? 

We are ADA accessible, but please consider that our floors are historic and come with their own unevenness.

What are the accommodations for disabled guests? 

We are seated in a residential neighborhood, and so, for respect, all music has to be moved inside by 9pm. However, inside FREIGHT we can be partying until 2am. Decor is very open, though no open flames! Let's just discus what you want to do and we'll see what's possible!

Are there additional rules I should know about such as noise policies or rules against certain décor?