Why We’re Here

Community is at the heart of why FREIGHT is here. FREIGHT is about what is alive and what endures in Leadville—our history, our neighbors, our future. We believe in an entrepreneurial spirit that has a holistic mission, an intentional work environment, and ultimately shares its resources. FREIGHT will donate 10% of our space and time back to organizations doing good work in Lake County. 

We call this the Yes Place because we believe in creating positive opportunities for social interaction, a space for the communion of minds, a beehive of activity. We’re here for collaboration, bring your talent, ideas, and enthusiasm. Our staff wants to say yes to your event and transform vision into reality. We want to produce events that have never existed before. We want to see what this community can dream.

FREIGHT is an inclusive space that’s open to anyone, regardless of background. We embrace all walks of life. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what matters is you come through the door.