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Weddings at FREIGHT

We love weddings. Chocolate cake, mason jars full of wildflowers, the finest outfits, a sturdy arch, sunset leading to a canopy of stars, the crowded dance floor, toasts to enduring love. Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, let us customize your special day. The depot’s main hall can hold over 200 guests and our property includes a courtyard, versatile conference room, commercial kitchen, bonfire circle, and a retrofitted Whiskey Lime lounge in an historic shack. 

Our space is dog-friendly, people-friendly, and we’re lucky that every angle of Leadville is photogenic, surrounded by the highest fourteeners in Colorado. FREIGHT is accessible, located blocks from downtown and two hours from the Denver airport. Take a horse and carriage ride to the ceremony, invite guests to cross country ski to the venue, or a snowmobile as a getaway vehicle. With reliable winters and sunny summers, the possibilities are endless in Leadville.

We’re dedicated to serving you at every step of your wedding. It’s your celebration and our commitment. From planning drinks to decor, we are here to make each detail a memory. Our vendors are well-versed in our operations and ready to create elegant experiences. We believe that once you have the right venue, the rest falls into place. 

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*Call for Locals Pricing

*Call for Locals Pricing


Meet our In-House Event Planner

Q&A with Event Consultant Carrie Mallozzi, Owner of Stellar & Sage

What’s your background in?

I’ve been an educator for almost two decades. During the past twelve years, at the High Mountain Institute, an outdoor experiential learning school, I helped students and aspiring educators find their voice in the backcountry and the classroom. Managing risk on a backpacking trip is a little like planning a wedding as you avoid stressors and steer clear from danger.

What inspired you to work with weddings?

I was inspired by planning my own wedding in Leadville. However, when the big day arrived, I realized my husband and I were the only ones who held the vision. Had we hired an event planner, the wedding day could have been more carefree. I’ve been referred to as the “party planner” by friends for years. I love bringing people together, being creative and managing logistics.

Why hire a wedding coordinator?

To take the stress out of what many couples can experience during the planning process. My mission is to help couples find joy in planning their wedding, rather than experiencing frustration. To do this, we start by exploring the couple’s values and primary goals for their wedding. Next, I create a storyboard and timeline to help us reach those aspirations. We have checkpoints throughout the journey, to ensure that we’re on time and on budget. On the day of the wedding, I find myself playing the role of a bodyguard, protecting the couple from any stress.

How do you work with a client from start to finish?

I start with an initial consultation, an opportunity for me to get to know the couple’s desires. We set goals to stay on course and determine budget. I’m always asking, how can we do more with less? It’s individualized service, depending on the package. For out of town clients, I’m the local liaison and a guide to the area. On the day of the wedding, I ensure the guests are taken care of and the timing of transitions goes smoothly. 

What’s your favorite part of attending a wedding?

I cry during every ceremony, regardless of how well I know the couple. The dance floor is probably my favorite part, watching everyone from little kids to grandparents come together. I also find the gathering around the bride while she gets ready to be a beautiful and sacred ritual. 

What advice do you have for a newly engaged person?

It’s easy for couples to get swept up in the excitement of the engagement and start planning the big day without first aligning expectations and establishing norms for planning a wedding together. Once you both understand each other's hopes and fears, you can then discuss the route you wish to get there by and divide the work accordingly.

How do you stay organized when dealing with all the logistics of a wedding?

I’d say I artfully combine old-school and new-school systems to stay organized. I’m so thankful for Google Docs and spreadsheets but also like to be tactile, so I have corkboards, file folders, and whiteboards. I enjoy the problem-solving that comes with weddings. I have strategies that help with timelines and love to-do lists. Another important tool for my success is taking a break to go for a bike or a ski.

What’s it like to plan a winter wedding?

Winter weddings have an element of magic. My best friend’s wedding was during the winter in Ohio. We’re guaranteed to have snow on the ground in Leadville, and you have the chance to embrace the winter wonderland. There’s nothing like a good coat over a dress. Winter weddings are adventurous and create a sense of connection when everyone is huddled inside while the snow is falling. I would love to plan a wedding that includes a ceremony at the top of Ski Cooper and then everyone skis down and celebrates at FREIGHT. 

What’s the best part about living in Leadville?

Recreation and community. I appreciate the access to public lands, the amazing network of trails and the people that have chosen to live here. Leadville has been my home for 15 years. I love the perfect blend of beauty, simplicity and challenging elements that this place offers. By raising my kids (ages 5 and 8) in Leadville, I hope to instill an appreciation for the natural world, a strong sense of community, and resiliency. In my free time, I enjoy rafting, biking, skiing, gardening and being crafty.

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