In1990, Nan and Dave Anderson created Anderson Hallas, PC an architectural firm in Golden, CO. Their architectural work in preservation has garnered national awards. Leadville is now benefitting from their experience and passion as they hope to leave something greater than them for this community. 



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Nan anderson

Principal Dreamer

In 1991 Nan started an architectural firm out of her house in Golden, CO. She brought a masters in fine arts sculpture and a business mind to her chosen profession and partnered with her husband 2 years after launching her firm. Her visionary leadership has pushed the firm and the profession in ways that people may not associate with Architecture. Nan believes in mission driven work. "Architecture isn't supposed to be an architect pushing a personal design agenda. Architecture is about finding out from the community what they want and then translating it into design. We work as part of a team of professionals and community members to bring spaces to life." From airports to private hotel renovations, National Parks projects to sustainable design, Nan is always looking for "what's next" and where the good work is to be done. Looks like Leadville is what's next! Her personal inspiration is Dana Crawford, who, in retirement, is still pushing the preservation world to see the potential in Colorado's small towns.

Dave Anderson

Chief of Implementation

Dave brings a mechanical understanding of how buildings are put together. Where Nan has concept and vision, Dave grounds design in execution. He loves physical problem solving and manipulating old material into modern and creative solutions. Set Dave to a task and he will work until it is done. While at home working on his own, his enthusiasm for a project comes from collaboration. With a passion for teaching and a strong foundation in carpentry, his compassionate desire to help others learn is apparent even in the smaller projects. As a Project Manager Dave sources his energy from listening to the needs of all involved and working to make those desires come to life. When he's not working, you'll find him building a climbing wall for his granddaughter, listening to soccer matches on the radio. 

"There will never be more women in architecture if we men continue to talk over their voices both in the meeting rooms and on job sites." 

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Elsa Tharp

Party Priestess

After working for the Colorado Outward Bound School and Desert Mountain Medicine, Elsa came on as an original partner of the endeavor which is FREIGHT. Her jobs have stretched her in ways that make her the perfect candidate to take on a business like FREIGHT; from climbing couloirs, to purchasing weekly cheese rations for 400 people at a time, from teaching tire chaining F350s while nursing an infant, to facilitating service projects, Elsa finds joy in the problem solving. Logistics isn’t a sexy job, but it's all the work that leads to a damn good party. Not only is she our operational problem solver but our liaison and spokesperson to the community. She is an active member of the Leadville community, bringing both operational experience and a loyalty to Lake County which guides our vision for the project.

In case you can't see the resemblance, Elsa is the daughter of Nan and Dave. This is a family affair!


Kirstie Suddeth

Celebration Station Master

Since moving to Leadville summer of 2018, Kirstie has had the privilege of working in the hospitality industry. The past 6 years of her life she has dedicated her work towards customer service, and finding a job here at Freight, was the perfect fit for her. Meeting new people from all around the world has always been a fascination of hers. Kirstie came from the city life of St.Louis to be connected with nature, so why not move to Colorado? She loves traveling, making art, and always strives to be a better person!

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Charlie Cooper

Team Lead

"Good Attitude at Altitude"

Though Nan and Dave do manual labor on site every weekend, Charlie runs the job site on a day to day basis and is our jack of all trades! While supervising various crew projects, he manages to meet with vendors, keep abreast of week to week priorities, and weld.  His ability to understand order of operations and find the right tool for the right job is priceless. 

Charlie is a life-long-learner who enjoys learning as he goes, or from the various masters he comes across. Even though he's always learning, he carries a dedication to craftsmanship and achieves it.



Director of Words

Bekah Grim is loyal to the thrill of language. She has an MFA in Nonfiction Writing from the University of Iowa. She’s been a whitewater raft guide for eight seasons on the Arkansas River. She is currently at work on a book of essays about whitewater raft guiding. Her hobbies include jean jackets, night swimming, and friendly alpacas.